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Dr Sarvesha B S

Head of the Department Kannada Language And Literature, Poetry, Theater, ... View Profile

Dr Sreedhara Payappa Dharanappanavar

Professor Hindi And Kannada... View Profile

Dr Krishna Prabha

Professor Postcolonial Literature, Cultural Studies, Literar... View Profile

Dr Sreedevi Santhosh

Associate Professor Swedish Crime Fiction, Gender Studies, Diasporic S... View Profile

Dr Stephen R

Associate Professor Translation, Origin And Use of Words... View Profile

Ms Steffi Santhana Mary

Assistant Professor Historiography And Memory Studies, Theatre Studies... View Profile

Dr S.A. Sovya Shephyr

Assistant Professor African Literature, Eco-Criticism, Libyan Literatu... View Profile

Dr Arsha Subbi

Assistant Professor Dr Arsha Subbi Is Working As An Assistant Professo... View Profile

Dr Iswarya V

Assistant Professor Specialised In Contemporary British Drama And Cons... View Profile

Mr Allwyn F

Assistant Professor Postmodernism,Film Studies,And Literary Critism, I... View Profile

Dr Krishna D Lamani

Assistant Professor Hindi Literature, Translation In Hindi... View Profile

Dr Neha Kumari

Assistant Professor Have A Good Knowledge of Literature And Its Varied... View Profile

Dr Kaushireddy N

Assistant Professor Indian Writing In English, Diasporic Literature, D... View Profile

Dr Mary Raymer

Assistant Professor Indian Writings In English, Children'S Literature,... View Profile


Assistant Professor Diaspora Literature, Testimonio, Cultural Studies... View Profile

Dr Cynthia Winnie

Assistant Professor Cultural Studies In Native American Literature- Th... View Profile


Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Mr Meshach R.S Edwin

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Dr Nishitha .

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Ms Preethi S

Assistant Professor My Area of Research Is Indian Writing In English. ... View Profile

Dr D N P Prema Ponmani

Assistant Professor My Area of Research Is Existentialism, Indian Writ... View Profile

Mr Inbaraj M

Assistant Professor I Am Into Posthuman Literature, Posthumanism, Post... View Profile

Dr Pradeep S Raj

Assistant Professor Nature Writing, Ecocriticism, Indian Literature, T... View Profile

Dr Brighton A Rose

Assistant Professor Research Methodology, Subaltern Studies, Resistanc... View Profile

Dr Giftsy Dorcas E

Assistant Professor Emotional Intelligence, Social Emotional Learning,... View Profile

Dr Preetha M

Assistant Professor Canadian Literature, Afro American Literature... View Profile

Mrs Susan Sanny

Assistant Professor Indian Literature, British Literature Subaltern,Ge... View Profile

Dr Ehboklang Pyngrope

Assistant Professor Poetry, Cultural Studies, Gender Studies... View Profile

Dr Akhila Variyar

Assistant Professor Literature... View Profile

Dr Rini Reba Mathew

Assistant Professor Childhood Studies, Balkan Literature, History of E... View Profile

Dr Syed Muen

Assistant Professor Kannada Literature Studies, Comparative Studies, I... View Profile

Prof Chandrashekar N

Assistant Professor Folk Field Work... View Profile

Dr Lyola Thomas

Assistant Professor Phd From The University of Mysore... View Profile

Dr Masilamani C

Assistant Professor English Language Teaching And Subaltern Studies... View Profile

Dr Ravishankar A K

Assistant Professor Kannada Literature And Criticism... View Profile

Dr Sainath Ganshetwar

Assistant Professor Hindi Literature, Tribal And Dalit Studies And Fol... View Profile

Dr Lalmalsawmi Ralte

Assistant Professor Literature From North-East India... View Profile

Ms Smitha Sebastian

Assistant Professor Literature... View Profile

Dr Ruth Magdalene

Assistant Professor Nature Writing, Ecocriticism, Indian Literature, T... View Profile

Mr Vinesh Raj

Assistant Professor Magical Realism And Comparative Literature... View Profile

Ms Sneha Suresh

Assistant Professor Fiction And Narratology, Food Studies, Children'S ... View Profile

Mr Joshy Mathew

Assistant Professor Diaspora Literature, Translation Studies, Philosop... View Profile

Ms Alna Mariya Isac

Assistant Professor Cultural Studies, Women Studies, Post Colonial Fic... View Profile

Dr Jeeva M

Assistant Professor Lover of Literature. Working As Assistant Professo... View Profile

Dr Pauline V N

Assistant Professor Language And Linguistics... View Profile

Ms Samjaila T H

Assistant Professor First Nations Theatre, Diaspora Studies, Emerging ... View Profile