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Dr Aloysius Edward J

Dean Finance, Taxation And Accounting... View Profile

Prof Vijayakumar R

Head of the Department Business And Finance... View Profile

Prof Lourdunathan F

Professor Business, Finance... View Profile

Dr Baba Gnanakumar

Professor Gold Medalist In Commerce. Received From Then Pres... View Profile

Dr Sheeja Krishnakumar

Associate Professor Management... View Profile

Dr Gita P C

Associate Professor Specialise In The Domain of Diversity And Inclusio... View Profile

Mrs Annie Stephen

Associate Professor Fellow Member of The Institute of Chartered Accoun... View Profile

Dr Jaspreet Kaur

Assistant Professor Health Economics... View Profile

Mr Rajath K

Assistant Professor Commerce, Marketing , Education... View Profile

Dr Nittymol Antony

Assistant Professor Accountancy, Taxation, Banking, Insurance Accounts... View Profile

Dr A John William

Assistant Professor Commerce... View Profile

Dr Sripriya T P

Assistant Professor Applied Statistics, Categorical Data Analysis, Out... View Profile

Dr Chandrakhanthan J

Assistant Professor Having 13 Years of Experience In Teaching And 06 Y... View Profile

Prof A Arun Prakash

Assistant Professor Investment Management, Capital Market Operations (... View Profile

Prof Glady Agnes Lawerence

Assistant Professor Business, Finance... View Profile

Prof Aishwarya P

Assistant Professor Business, Finance... View Profile

Dr Pushpa A

Assistant Professor Specialized In Finance /Accounting... View Profile

Ms Indra S

Assistant Professor Organizational Development, Digital Society, Chang... View Profile

Mrs Bharti Ranade

Assistant Professor Interest Are Organizational Development, Digital S... View Profile

Ms Sheeba Francy

Assistant Professor Expert in Commerce and Management related fields... View Profile


Assistant Professor Business ... View Profile

Dr Akhil M P

Assistant Professor Organizational Development, Digital Society, Chang... View Profile

Mr Fr Jais V Thomas

Assistant Professor Organizational Development, Digital Society, Chang... View Profile

Prof Noble Jacob

Assistant Professor A Catholic Religious Priest Who Graduated In Sacre... View Profile

Mr Kenneth Wilson

Assistant Professor Pursuing Phd In Commerce... View Profile

Mr Biju M

Assistant Professor Finance, Accounting, Education... View Profile

Dr Ibha Rani

Assistant Professor Commerce and Management... View Profile

Prof Ajith Mathews

Assistant Professor Business, Finance... View Profile

Dr Nagarjun Subburaj

Assistant Professor Behavioural Finance, Consumer Behaviour... View Profile

Dr Saranya S

Assistant Professor Financial Accounting, Cost Accounting And Its Tech... View Profile

Dr C Nagadeepa

Assistant Professor Accounting And Marketing... View Profile

Prof Aneesha K Shaji

Assistant Professor Area of Interest Includes Banking And Behavioural ... View Profile

Prof Thanuja K A

Assistant Professor Subject Expert In Accounting, Cost Accounting And ... View Profile

Mr John Pradeep Kumar

Assistant Professor Capital Markets, Time Series Analysis, And Wealth ... View Profile

Dr Reenu Mohan

Assistant Professor Employee Relations ,Marketing... View Profile

Dr Surjit Singha

Assistant Professor Expertise In Commerce And Management Subjects, Un ... View Profile

Dr Chandrakala M

Assistant Professor Finance And Taxation... View Profile

Dr Mathiyarasan M

Assistant Professor Statistics,Operations Research,Marketing,... View Profile

Dr Muhammad Ashiq A M

Assistant Professor Assistant Professor of Commerce.... View Profile

Mr Shashi Kumar M

Assistant Professor Commerce, Accounts And Taxation... View Profile

Mr Jagadeesh K K

Assistant Professor Business Finance, Taxation... View Profile

Dr Kalyani V

Assistant Professor Management... View Profile

Mrs Aasha Sujit

Assistant Professor Banking, Human Resources And Business Law... View Profile

Dr Gokilavani S

Assistant Professor Assistant Professor, Department of Commerce, Krist... View Profile

Prof Souparnika V T

Assistant Professor Business, Finance... View Profile

Mr Raghavendra Babu

Assistant Professor Banking And Finance... View Profile

Mr Yashwanh L Reddy

Teaching Fellow ... View Profile

Mr Jinu Mathew

Teaching Fellow ... View Profile